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snifffr is the best site to buy and sell dirty panties. If you have ever wished to collect used and dirty panties, then you can fulfil your wish. This website offers you the opportunity to buy and sell dirty panties.

This website can save you from anyone finding out. You can safely buy used and dirty panties from snifffr and nobody will know it. Moreover, the website also offers a business to sell dirty panties.

So, you can make money and you can build a business of your own. This makes the website the best place to buy and sell dirty panties. snifffr is an online marketplace that has tens of thousands of members. There are thousands of buyers and sellers who want to interact to make a deal.

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How To Buy Dirty Panties On This Website

The process of buying on snifffr is really simple. First of all you have to create an account. There are two types of accounts:

  1. free account
  2. premium account.

You can go for any of these accounts. The difference between the accounts is the features that you want access to. For example, the premium account gives sellers access to live online chat, private messages and unlimited listing in their personal online store. However, buyers are automatically given a premium account.

After creating your account, you can browse the website and search for different sellers. There is a powerful search feature on the website to help the buyers filter through the many options. For example, the buyer might want to filter by age or location. This helps the buyer to easily make a decision on what dirty panties they want to buy.

There are two options to contact the sellers. You can message them privately or you can start chatting with them through online chat. Online chat is extremely popular and where many deals take place.

Next, if you like any dirty panties from the seller, you can buy it. From here, all you need to do is arrange payment and shipping to receive your items. This should be discussed with the seller.

How To Sell Dirty Panties On The snifffr Website

This website offers a great chance to build up your own business. The good news is that the website is not limited to only women sellers. Men can also sell their used underwear on this website.

To sell dirty panties, you have to create an account on this site. You can open a free or a premium account.

Then, you can start some engaging conversations with your buyers. People from all over the world are here. Like anything you do in life, the more effort you put into your dirty panties business, the more you will get out. Sellers who are active on their accounts, such as engaging  with buyers and adding new products to their online stores will do better.

Next, you should ask your buyer for his or her shipping address. You should also take the full payment before shipping the dirty panties.

Why snifffr Is The Best Site To Buy and Sell Dirty Panties?

Excellent Features

  1. This website can keep your identity completely hidden. You will remain anonymous on this site. However should you wish to disclose your full identity, you can go ahead and do so. There are no restrictions placed on this from snifffr.
  2. You can create a free account on this site. So, you can use this site without any investment. However, to get full benefit, we recommend that you upgrade to a premium sellers account.
  3. The site has buyers and sellers from all around the world. So, it won’t be difficult for you to spread your business. You can sell dirty panties anywhere you like.
  4. Snifffr has a fake check system in place. The fake check is to help authenticate buyer and sellers profiles.
  5. You can chat with the seller before you buy the dirty panties. So, you will have the chance to select your favorite seller and get to know them. Getting to know the seller is as much fun as buying the dirty panties. The buyer gets to know the seller behind the panties.

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Payment and Shipping

The payment process on snifffr is simple. You can use any payment platform that you wish. Popular platforms include Google Wallet or Venmo. There is also snifffr coins available to use for payment. Please note that PayPal does not allow transactions for the adult industry. Please avoid using PayPal as a payment platform as this will cause issues for the buyer and seller.

snifffr doesn’t take any responsibility for the transaction process. As the website is a marketplace, the buyer and seller need to arrange and take responsibility for their own transactions.

Panties sell for many different prices. snifffr does not set prices in any way. This is entirely up to the seller to set and the buyer to pay. Some panties sell for hundreds of dollars.

Shipping should be arranged between buyer and seller. The buyer and seller of dirty panties need to discuss the cost of shipping. Many sellers will include this in their price however this should be negotiated between both parties. Neither party should assume anything with shipping.

Many sellers choose to use the buyers address as the return address. This is done in order to remain anonymous. Therefore, it’s critical that the buyer provides the correct address so that the dirty panties do not get lost if not delivered.

How To Find Buyers To Sell Dirty Panties

If you want to sell dirty panties on this site then you should send private messages to different buyers. Among these buyers, some people will start to chat with you. The buyers are interested in buying you! They want to buy more than just your panties. Moreover, if you engage with the buyer, you can form a relationship with them. This will hopefully result in repeat business.

You can use photos or videos of your panties. You can also give your profile picture to entice your buyer. All of these steps will help to draw some buyer’s attention towards you.

Moreover, many sellers who have dirty panties for sale choose to sell videos and images too. Videos and images are placed into the sellers online store. Some sellers choose to includes videos or pictures with their dirty panties as a bundle deal. Additionally, many sellers will choose to upsell buyers videos or images.

Why Should You Join snifffr?

snifffr won’t reveal your identity. You can buy and sell dirty panties online anonymously. There are thousands of buyers and seller on snifffr. Moreover, there are hundreds of new members joining the site daily eager to buy or sell dirty panties.


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